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One more week..

So one more week to go and ill be having a jam session with my mates, I hope all this practice I have done will pay off. I know that at the very least it will a heap of fun.


So far we have all agreed to learn two songs (covers) Heaven and Hell, by Black Sabbath (DIO) and Anarchy in the UK (Sex Pistols) Both songs are quite fun, we are still missing a drummer however and it will be a little difficult because of this, but I am sure we will have a lot of fun.



Music Practice

So over the last week, I have kept to it and have practiced my bass guitar for at least twenty minutes a night. I have seen some minor improvement but more of a wall with with the only way to climb it is hard work and diligence.

an example of a typical study routine:

  1. Warm up (basic fretwork doodling) — more on this later
  2. Scales (concentrate on a type of scale don’t go to fast work on perfection not speed)
  3. Arpeggio (again not to fast, keep up a normal pace and focus on fretwork and the tones)
  4. Song -pick a song that you enjoy and practice it in parts, work on the chorus until you can play it perfectly then move on. make sure you listen to the song and take your time with it, breaking it down into parts makes it easier to see the big picture and it is not as daunting, make sure you take note of the timing, listen to the drums and try to get a feel when and why the guitarists do flourishes in their music.

Learning Music

So I have been playing my Bass guitar on and off now for a couple of years, it has been one of the most enjoyable things I have ever picked up. I have to say almost an addiction, however besides from learning a new songs and making some random noises on it, I really do not have any sort of musical training behind me, over the next couple of months I plan to change this and perhaps blog about it. What I hope to achieve:

  • Sight read musical notation
  • Learn basic scales and arpeggio technique for chords
  • Repair and maintain my bass guitars
  • Write my own music and improvisations
  • Ear training

I have started working on the scales and arpeggio’s for now, and I have seen a very bung up Squire pbass for sale at a local pawn shop which is going cheap. So I am thinking of purchasing that and pulling it apart to see how it works.


Ill keep this updated with progress and perhaps some music theory, hopefully I can become a better musician and post some stuff up for the world to listen to.


Seven days of indie part 2: Punk special

I did not get any time yesterday to write or listen to any good music so today I am going to do a punk special.

Punk Rock originated from the USA and the UK around the 1970’s  with bands like the Sex Pistols and the Romones charging into the fray bring with them a blatant disregard for authority as well as a raw sound that became the anthem of an entire generation. from punk many of today’s genres have evolved including grunge and pop, bands like Greenday and offspring hail from this up in arms no holds bared I dont give a f!@k what you want attitude.

Strawberry Fist Cake

This Melbourne band brings true punk sound to the scene, their music has that fast pace and has a lot of tongue and cheek in their songs. although not many songs on the RN website I have included links to my favourite three.

Fred Basset

Pirate Song

Lower Class Trash

More information about Strawberry Fist Cake can be found at their website ( as well as information about their upcoming shows and Album


Topnovil is old school Aussie punk rock. Heavily influenced by 70’s punk music, alot of their songs appear to have socialist overtones, the vocals for this band is just pure awesome, everything you would want to expect from a punk rock group. I was especially impressed with the song ‘Never Trusted You’ with an incredible bass solo and generally good music. The song ‘The Fight’ is just a simply terrific tune, with a mix of rock and Scottish bag pipes!

Never Trusted You.

Punk Rot

The Fight


Dixon Cider

What can I say, I love this band, full of energy the vocals are filthy and the drums are ferocious, this is a well balanced band.  cant wait to see them live.


I’m Damaged


Seven Days of Indie

So on the train trip to work this morning I decided that I have listened to my very respectable collection of music for far to long, so I logged into my (very dusty) reverbnation account and decided to not listen to any mainstream bands for a whole week! instead I would bask in the underground Indie scene.

Reverbnation is a site made for fans, bands, venues and other music industry types, it brings together a scene usually only available to late night partiers and raving fanatics, it allows the average internet couch potato access into a sometimes very under rated area of music. For the Next seven days I will only listen to Indie bands (ie unsigned musicians) and each day I will pick three bands and write about them (good or ill!)

Today I must of listened to at least thirty of forty bands via RN traditionally going to my metal roots I found that the local Australian scene of music filled to the brim with very loud and generic thrash metal. Although there were a few gems in this bunch which I believe came out above the rest ill only write up one band for now..

Cunt Butcher

 At first glance this band is terrible! even for a thrash metal band, the vocals are almost incomprehensible, it actually takes a little getting used to, I found the listening to this band a little hard. At first glance at this band’s bio the words ‘blues metal band’ comes up strikingly however grindcore band is a much better description.

as a solo bass project, the band uses highly offensive yet sometimes humorous  lyrics to entertain and offend some song highlights that come to mind is a cover of Katy Perry’s

“I kissed a girl” (aptly named “I raped a girl”)

Toad in a hole

Two all beef curtains


I think this Grindcore band brings a lot of colour and hilarity to a very grim genre although not everyones cup of tea, it is well worth the look and at least a quick glance over their lyrics (points to anyone who can understand any of their songs) I doubt this band willactually go anywhere other than a few niche hard core fansmoment of the context of the songs that this band sings has heavy racial overtones and is generally very dicey.

An interview with the singer/bassist Carcass can be found here:

Dirty Paris

Dirty Paris was actually a surprise entry although not much information is actually available on the RN website and only one song had been uploaded (actually only half a song) onto the site itself, I was impressed with their release enough to say for an electronica/Psychedelic rock/whatever band they actually brought a very surprising piece to the table, good enough for me not to hit the random button again. although 99% of the actual piece is instrumental (with a few surprising lines in the middle of the song) I would be happy to throw a few dollars over to them if they released this in full on RN.



Amodus is a premium prog rock/metal band hailing from our very own Sydney, their style and expertise blows away any of the competition in the charts. solid riffs and vocals are backed up by an explosive drummer, I think we will be seeing alot more of this band in the future, I look forward to purchasing an EP or seeing them live. It is good to see some local talent of this quality coming out of a scene which seems to be heavily overwhelmed with thrash.