Monthly Archives: June 2012

One more week..

So one more week to go and ill be having a jam session with my mates, I hope all this practice I have done will pay off. I know that at the very least it will a heap of fun.


So far we have all agreed to learn two songs (covers) Heaven and Hell, by Black Sabbath (DIO) and Anarchy in the UK (Sex Pistols) Both songs are quite fun, we are still missing a drummer however and it will be a little difficult because of this, but I am sure we will have a lot of fun.



Ray Bradbury has passed away

This is a very sad time, when I read 451 ithad a deep impact on me, what sort of a society would burn books, when will it be a social norm for having a team who can pump your stomach 24/7, we have people today trying to legitimize drug use.  We don’t have any fun parks where people can go to break things and be as violent as they can be. But I am sure that it’s only a matter of time.





Music Practice

So over the last week, I have kept to it and have practiced my bass guitar for at least twenty minutes a night. I have seen some minor improvement but more of a wall with with the only way to climb it is hard work and diligence.

an example of a typical study routine:

  1. Warm up (basic fretwork doodling) — more on this later
  2. Scales (concentrate on a type of scale don’t go to fast work on perfection not speed)
  3. Arpeggio (again not to fast, keep up a normal pace and focus on fretwork and the tones)
  4. Song -pick a song that you enjoy and practice it in parts, work on the chorus until you can play it perfectly then move on. make sure you listen to the song and take your time with it, breaking it down into parts makes it easier to see the big picture and it is not as daunting, make sure you take note of the timing, listen to the drums and try to get a feel when and why the guitarists do flourishes in their music.