Seven days of indie part 2: Punk special

I did not get any time yesterday to write or listen to any good music so today I am going to do a punk special.

Punk Rock originated from the USA and the UK around the 1970’s  with bands like the Sex Pistols and the Romones charging into the fray bring with them a blatant disregard for authority as well as a raw sound that became the anthem of an entire generation. from punk many of today’s genres have evolved including grunge and pop, bands like Greenday and offspring hail from this up in arms no holds bared I dont give a f!@k what you want attitude.

Strawberry Fist Cake

This Melbourne band brings true punk sound to the scene, their music has that fast pace and has a lot of tongue and cheek in their songs. although not many songs on the RN website I have included links to my favourite three.

Fred Basset

Pirate Song

Lower Class Trash

More information about Strawberry Fist Cake can be found at their website ( as well as information about their upcoming shows and Album


Topnovil is old school Aussie punk rock. Heavily influenced by 70’s punk music, alot of their songs appear to have socialist overtones, the vocals for this band is just pure awesome, everything you would want to expect from a punk rock group. I was especially impressed with the song ‘Never Trusted You’ with an incredible bass solo and generally good music. The song ‘The Fight’ is just a simply terrific tune, with a mix of rock and Scottish bag pipes!

Never Trusted You.

Punk Rot

The Fight


Dixon Cider

What can I say, I love this band, full of energy the vocals are filthy and the drums are ferocious, this is a well balanced band.  cant wait to see them live.


I’m Damaged


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