The Herald hath come

Darkness fell over the world, one city after another plummeted into its embrace. One after another each person fell into their patterns of sleep and dream, darkness being a primal fear of all humanity, yet it was the most personal, some were enveloped within it.  Comforted within their own dark little world, others felt strangled, The fear grasped and choked them like a killer. Others it talked to them; whispered untold truths and lies into the depths of their soul, caressing them like a mother or lover, promises told willingly in whispers and hidden smiles.

This is how it ended, the human race put up little of a fight most never knew what had befallen or even if they had awoken. Within the turn of one night humanity knelt down, laid onto the floor and gave up without as much as a breath. Some would say the world was better off, others would weep over what was the passing, The animals and the wind ceased to move or make a sound, it was as if a light switch had been turned off and the last person out of the building had closed the door and went home for the night. All was still.

It crept over the land, the Darkness. One after another it touched a body, some slightly others were engulfed then it went on to the next. Looking at this pitch black one would see no form, it was not a cloud or of anything that could be described by humans, looking into it would be as Niezche had said about looking into an abysses, formless and soulless. one after another it placed it self on hand, foot and head. It was in no rush, the world could wait.

Leisurely moving along the color seemed to drain out of the surrounding leaving even the most vivid of flowers grain and drained. Slowly shape had begun to form in the cloud as it moved, at first it gained height and it grew thin. out of its nothingness limbs formed. First feet; upon which it stood on the cracked colorless ground. Then a powerful set of arms appeared each perfectly formed yet with not a wrinkle or feature to discern its identity.

The body came next, sucking up the black it grew definitively male, yet no genitals or other discerning features. Next came the head, the horrid visage many would look on yet remember very little. Its features were blank. No eyes, nose, ears, mouth or hair.

It was blank, it began walking and slowly touching each body as if to rouse it. ever so slightly a person would slowly get up, as if from a deep sleep. first a hand would come up and lay itself over their eyes, then slowly it would sit up as if groggy, after awhile they being would stand up and walk behind the being. Eyes still closed. after a short time a mob formed after him. Then a crowd, the whole mass of people followed him on his walk, each of them eyes unopened and not a sound came from them save the plodding of their feet.

After some time the being and his followers had covered some distance the crowd had become unending, countless people had joined his ranks, all of the appeared with eyes closed, as if waiting for something, The being stopped, the atmosphere seemed tense, he turned and faced the throng of people who had been following him. He turned around and faced them. All at ones they opened their eyes, a stygian blackness flowed out of them. The Herald had come home.

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