The Church

A lone figure trod down the empty street, her single burden pressing against her side hip annoyingly, sweat glistened on her face and frustratingly she wiped it off. It was hot. The figure glanced down a shadowy ally as she saw something move in the corner of her eye. she did not know why she had been chosen to deliver her cursed package to the man in the church, only that if she didn’t a lot of people were going to die quite horribly.

“like old man parker did” she shuddered as she tried to banish the thought of the old mans corpse hanging from the front of the court house, but the site of the blood dripping down from the skinless body was burned into her memory as she hung their screaming as he begged to be released from his suffering.

She brushed a tear from her cheek and hurried onward towards the church. As it came into view she gasped at the changes that had been made; the walls bulged outward as if trying to contain a foul contents which no sane man could safely describe, the walls itself had a plentiful layer of clear slime which had leaked from in between the wooden panels. The windows were blackened and cracked and the stain glass windows which had once held pictures of angels and of the dear virgin Mary were twisted into a foul representation of demons chasing a defiled and naked woman through a maze of spikes.

The girl made a sign of the cross and stepped in front of the door. Petrified she knelt on the sun warmed pavement and murmured the lords prayer, in the back of her mind a voice whispered dark thoughts: “there is no God, only the book, bring us the book!” the voice hissed. The girl ignored the whispers within her head and continued her prayer in the heat, the girl slowly got up off her knees and unwrapped the plastic bag; within the bag was a large book, the cover was bound in a wrinkly leather which she could not identify the book looked plain yet felt as if its contents would surly destroy what was left of her sanity.

The two large doors of the church flung open spraying a coating of slime into the air and a horrid smell rose from within the building and fouled the air with it’s presence. The girl gave a start when the doors crashed opened and bile rose to her mouth as the smell hit her. She dropped the book and started to vomit, a hissing laughter entered her ears as she continued to empty her stomach of any and all things within it. “Bring me the book child and the town shall be spared” a muffled voice commanded her from within the bowls of the desecrated church, the girl wiped her mouth from the filth and picked up the book and wiped the slime from it, she shuddered as she tried to shake the stuff off her hand.

Within the church was a nightmare no man or woman was meant to witness. The walls were covered with living slimy flesh of people who had been foolish enough to try and fight the man within the church, within the center of the church was rows of benches of which were covered with a thick layer of blood, entrails and the occasionally topped off with a head or two.

At the back of the church was the alter and a man who sat upon it as if it were a throne, the girl moved closer towards the man and saw that his eyes had been gouged from his head leaving large hollow sockets filled with puss and blood. Blood glistened on his face as if it were sweat, slowly he extended his which was but a stump and spoke a single word “Book!” he gargled blood and slime spilled from his lips.

The girl walked slowly up between the rows of benches trying to ignore the fleshy sounds the carpet was making as she walked upon it, she place the book upon his lap and a gurgle of joy rose from his mouth spilling more blood onto his face “At last I have the Necronomicon, now the Old Ones shall rise from their slumber and take their bounty of flesh, as promised the town shall be spared but the people, are another matter.” The man laughed as the girl ran from the church screaming, the echo of laughter followed her out from that horror of flesh and bone…

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