Prophecy of the Dark Herald

Dark herald calls 20, the death of great blue skies
brings forth black seas and make the heavens cry.
Ere the mirrored giant morns his shattered hands
and cries for broken feet, calling down old failings
to mend the old heat.

From blackened sands arise the warden
born of hollowed core ending the hate of the kinsfire war.
Dark herald trumpets call grabbing many,
killing all. The warden’s kindred will fall.
All good things come to an end,
old wounds heal, new wounds form
the phoenix shall rise.

Shadow’s soldier awaits a sign of release
for brothers banished 20 million in all.

Warden and seven hears the call
and darkened armies call forth the warden’s fall.
The mirrored giant’s hands and feet shall be
made anew when the phoenix falls
and the seven’s blood runs an angry red.

But to where next the dark herald calls
is but yet to be said…

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