Learning Music

So I have been playing my Bass guitar on and off now for a couple of years, it has been one of the most enjoyable things I have ever picked up. I have to say almost an addiction, however besides from learning a new songs and making some random noises on it, I really do not have any sort of musical training behind me, over the next couple of months I plan to change this and perhaps blog about it. What I hope to achieve:

  • Sight read musical notation
  • Learn basic scales and arpeggio technique for chords
  • Repair and maintain my bass guitars
  • Write my own music and improvisations
  • Ear training

I have started working on the scales and arpeggio’s for now, and I have seen a very bung up Squire pbass for sale at a local pawn shop which is going cheap. So I am thinking of purchasing that and pulling it apart to see how it works.


Ill keep this updated with progress and perhaps some music theory, hopefully I can become a better musician and post some stuff up for the world to listen to.


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