On the train

So today is the first day of a brand new week.last night I felt particularly motivated so I decided to bring my bass guitar back to work so I could practice more. However I fund the experience rather enlightening. Firstly moving such an instrument is quite painful.

With a case it weighs an excess of doubt ten kilos plus the space it actually takes up is quite large. I hate to say it. But it is quite an inconvenience to the other passengers on the train… Next time I will just take the car.

I feel quite guilty and a little hypocritical as I usually give nasty glares at some of the other passengers who bring large luggage bags onto the train (especially people heading to the airport) I guess This will be a good lesson of being mindful of others.

Hopefully I will use my lunch time valuably and not waste this trip and not irritate many of the other passengers.

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