I’m still alive…

Well last week was a complete horror show. I came down with a rather nasty cold and it, knocked me out for over a week. A whole week of unending headaches, tension pains, runny noses and flemmy coughs. I was without energy or any sort of intelligance I practically spent the week in front of the television feeling sorry for myself, they must of cut a whole tree down just to cater for the ammount of tissues I had used.

Now back to it. First day I am well enough to work I am off to Rhodes to get VMware training from HP. I find this highly ironic as I think VMware is pretty sucky compared to other hyper visors that area available and that the company I work for only really buy switches from HP and nothing more.

However this is a good opportunity to move further at work and also to learn about a technology that I have a lot of interest in. I just hope the teach can speak english better then your usual run of the mill certificate trainer.

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