Bitter Memories

Silth lay in the white padded room, drugs coursed through her body and madness ran through her soul.
Her mind slowly went over the memories that had poisoned her. The memories ran over like and old black and white movie. Slowly. So slowly.
I condemn you.
I curse you to be like to ones you envy.
I curse you to take the blood of the ones you hold dear.
May Cain’s mark be shown upon your face.
And your soul be written in your eyes.
I curse you.
Live like your beloved
Silth’s eyes shot open and she moaned and thrashed, screaming from what she had become. What she had lost. Another voice entered her head. Familiar.
Older than time. Old enough to have seen it been made. “I’ve found you my love, like I had promised I have come to take back what was taken from me” the voice spoke. Silth shook her self, trying to recover from the sedatives that the Doctors had given to calm her down. Drool slid from the side of her mouth as she looked up to be greeted by a reflection of her self.
Oh God Silth what have they done, oh Silth!
Red eyes stared back at her. Blood red.
The colour of your soul.
Who do I hate?
My father?
Nath’an; my love?
My self?
“My aren’t we in a mess now, this is a change from the proud Silth I know of” the voice spoke again. Silth wiped the drool from her mouth and stared blankly into the mirror.
You are not even worth the blood that flows from that pathetic father of yours
You are nothing; you wont be accepted by Human nor Vampire.
You will spend your life alone and afraid.
Not even your beloved will want you.
“No” she moaned
End it
“Peace” she muttered more drool falling from the side of her mouth. Yes kill yourself no one will miss you.
You are not needed.
You are not wanted
Silth closed her mouth and pulled her tongue into her throat. “No you cannot die yet you have many questions to answer” the voice said.
A hand shot out from the mirror and into her mouth. Silth coughed uncontrollably as the stranger brought her tongue back out of her throat, “Silth that was not a clever thing to do your better then that, my you are a mess” the stranger stepped out of the mirror and pulled Silth into his arms. Silth stared blankly into space still zoned out from the drugs and shock. “This is no good not good at all I need you awake not in la la land!” the stranger said to her.
More drool.
The stranger moved his hand in front of her face and snapped his fingers together.
The effect was immediate.
Silth awoke into a screaming fit and pushed herself off the stranger into the adjacent corner
She sucked air as if she had been strangled and choked of oxygen “stay away from me!” Silth screamed
“well hello to you to” the stranger mused
“where am I how did you find me” she screamed again this time louder as she regained more of her senses.
“I think you should calm your self and rest awhile it’s quiet traumatic to come out the way you did” the stranger made a move to reach out and touch her but she dodge out of the way and screamed louder “don’t you fucking touch me, I’m not yours any more not now not in a thousand years Lucifer”
Lucifer laughed and pulled his head back ” and what think that I came after you , look at your self, really Silth you flatter your self what would I do with a broken mortal such as your self, you don’t even have your dignity let alone any of the charms that you cast at me long ago”
Silth looked in the mirror and covered her face with her hands with self pity and disgust “what then if not that then let me be I have nothing else, let me be and let me die” she cried; tears falling onto the soft floor like broken shards of crystal each catching the small light that shined dimly in the roof of the room.
“You know what I want” Lucifer spoke, small daggers entered his voice.
Silth gasped “how did you know I have it?”
” after our parting you disappeared from my sight totally only the artifact could conceal you from my view” Lucifer told the crying girl.
“I don’t have it” she whispered under her tears
“I can see that, where is it then?”
“Earth” she answered
“I see” Lucifer got up from his corner and threw her through the closed door, Silth flew through it and landed out side in an empty hallway, she shook off the daze in time to watch him walk through the door and into the hallway, as he walked forward Silth slowly edged backwards on her hands and feet until she was pushed against a brick wall.
“Bullshit, tell me the truth where is it?” Lucifer asked; a hint of acid etched in his voice.
“Far from your touch you bastard” Silth spat at him blood hit Lucifer’s black coat.
Lucifer laughed “I don’t understand you Silth, your not a Vampire any more, your not even human, why should you care what happens, I tell you what, how about I make you a classic your soul for what ever you want deals hmmm?

Even better you give me the artefact and ill change you back and perhaps send you and all your friends to another plain of existence far from the Nath’rac and far from all worries” Lucifer stood over her and flashed the swaggering grin of a used car salesman. “Just think of it, think of your brown hair and eyes hmmm, better yet think of Nath’an, you could be wrapped in his arms for all eternity far from troubles and far away it could be like a fairy tale” Lucifer bent over her, the tattoo on his face changing and moving this way and that. Silth’s eyes widened at what he stated his wares to her.

“You can make me as I was?” she sniffled
“And give him life eternal?”
You did him wrong Silth he is not yours to take
“No what do you mean no?” Lucifer laughed trying to pretend he didn’t hear what he had heard.
“It is not my choice to make his fate I cannot accept if I did it would be selfish”
“Is it selfish to wish for happiness?”
“Only at the expense of others” she replied
“Who cares about others only yourself is important”
Your actions will be your death Silth; Becka will want blood for taking him away
she will not forget, you can count on that.
but I love him.
Does he love you?
I will give my body, mind and soul for him.
I will protect him.

“No Lucifer I cannot, to give you that artifact would not different to opening the portal to the Nath’rac, beside it is of no use to you it can only be used by the person who first found it” she told him
Lucifer laughed
“what’s so funny, you’ve lost again” she said as she tried to focus her eyes
Daughter do not trust him he is a snake literately
I don’t care what you think father.
“I haven’t lost, merely postponed” Lucifer grinned
Silth went pale.
He wants something from you girl, don’t you see that why would he plays with you like that, he hates vampires.
Maybe he loves me.
He doesn’t know what love is.
“you see you are now mortal, and for the last two hundred years you have murdered countless people.
That makes you mine when you die. I can wait 50 years or so years it is no worry to me” Lucifer clasped his hands like a wicked witch would do a small child ready for the cooking pot “when you die You will wish you had given me the artifact, oh the fun I shall have with your soul, and your beloved’s as well, maybe ill let him serve us while we bed together hmmm?” Lucifer laughed cruelly at the sobbing figure lying on the ground.
“God damn you!” she screamed at Lucifer through her tears.
“Didn’t he damn you dear hmmm? Mine was a choice. Enjoy life Silth for it is short” Lucifer mocked her.
I condemn you.

Lucifer picked up the small body in his hands and patted her grey hair as one would a pet. “And you were such a lovely girl, If you didn’t have crossed me may hap the conditions would have been more pleasing since I already have your soul I may as well give you something in return” Lucifer stroked her hair and brushed away tears, slowly changes took place…

Silth slowly awoke to her body being shook, suddenly her nerves caught fire and she jumped out of her state and flung her self to the nearest wall screaming and moaning like a cornered animal caught in a trap. “Leave me alone Lucifer haven’t you tortured me enough!” she screamed.
“Get a grip Silth it’s me how did you get in here?” a startled voice said to her.
She opened her eyes.
I already have your soul I may as well give you something in return
Silth shuddered off the memories.

“Are you okay Silth, The reports said you had been found but they didn’t give much details where is Nath’an?” Michael asked her. Silth looked across the small room past her concerned friend and into the mirror behind him.
You can make me as I was?
Silth touched her hair as if she had never seen it before and looked into her deep brown eyes as if they were some one else’s, slowly she huddled her self into a ball and fell asleep tired from what he psych had been through.

* * * *Lucifer walked through the hallways not meeting a soul; he had seen to that.
Enjoy your life Silth What’s left of it.
“your getting soft Lucifer, an eternity ago you would of ripped her soul out and kept it on a chain for all to see” a voice in the darkness spoke to him. Lucifer continued to walk not bothering to take notice of the voice. “So close yet so far, I never thought I would see the greatest of the fallen angels be defeated by a frail broken girl” the voice mused.
“I’m not worried dear Lilith what is fifty years for beings like us. Nothing. I will have what is mine in the end”
“The girl or the Artifact” Lilith mused
Lucifer smiled politely “that girl is not mine to take, I was teasing her”
“oh that was another thing I never thought I would hear, the great and powerful Lucifer, lord of the nine pits of hell! And leader of it’s armies resorting to childish taunts” Lilith Laughed harder.
Lucifer ignored her and continued “I had heard that when she saw the obelisk for her initiation, it had chipped”
“Surprised?” Lucifer mused.
“Very, do you mean that she is one of the virtues of the Obelisk?”
“I believe so you know that the whim of the obelisk cannot be predicted, and it would explain a lot of things,” Lucifer answered.
“I think she is more then that myself” said Lilith
“What do you mean?”
“I think she has something to do with the prophesy”
“What prophesy?”
“You know which one Lucifer don’t make me think that you are that stupid”
“Your referring to the Dark Herald prophecy aren’t you?” “of course”
“Any ideas yet?” Lucifer asked
“I think she is the hollowed warden!” she answered
“No I think you are wrong there, she is to weak to be that figure” Lucifer replied.
” Look at the puzzle but she fits in perfectly she mus-”
“No I think you are wrong, she does fit but there is a much bigger picture, and I don’t think we shall know until the Obelisk tells us”
“Maybe you are right, I can tell you that these will be interesting time though”
Lucifer nodded in agreement “What I would like to know is why I didn’t just take what I wanted”
“hmmm so the thought did cross your twisted mind maybe it was the obelisk?”
“I do not like being played the puppet. not to God or to any stone monument” Lucifer mumbled.

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