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Seven Days of Indie

So on the train trip to work this morning I decided that I have listened to my very respectable collection of music for far to long, so I logged into my (very dusty) reverbnation account and decided to not listen to any mainstream bands for a whole week! instead I would bask in the underground Indie scene.

Reverbnation is a site made for fans, bands, venues and other music industry types, it brings together a scene usually only available to late night partiers and raving fanatics, it allows the average internet couch potato access into a sometimes very under rated area of music. For the Next seven days I will only listen to Indie bands (ie unsigned musicians) and each day I will pick three bands and write about them (good or ill!)

Today I must of listened to at least thirty of forty bands via RN traditionally going to my metal roots I found that the local Australian scene of music filled to the brim with very loud and generic thrash metal. Although there were a few gems in this bunch which I believe came out above the rest ill only write up one band for now..

Cunt Butcher


 At first glance this band is terrible! even for a thrash metal band, the vocals are almost incomprehensible, it actually takes a little getting used to, I found the listening to this band a little hard. At first glance at this band’s bio the words ‘blues metal band’ comes up strikingly however grindcore band is a much better description.

as a solo bass project, the band uses highly offensive yet sometimes humorous  lyrics to entertain and offend some song highlights that come to mind is a cover of Katy Perry’s

“I kissed a girl” (aptly named “I raped a girl”)


Toad in a hole


Two all beef curtains




I think this Grindcore band brings a lot of colour and hilarity to a very grim genre although not everyones cup of tea, it is well worth the look and at least a quick glance over their lyrics (points to anyone who can understand any of their songs) I doubt this band willactually go anywhere other than a few niche hard core fansmoment of the context of the songs that this band sings has heavy racial overtones and is generally very dicey.

An interview with the singer/bassist Carcass can be found here: http://www.mysticmetal.com.au/interviews/cunt-butcher/

Dirty Paris


Dirty Paris was actually a surprise entry although not much information is actually available on the RN website and only one song had been uploaded (actually only half a song) onto the site itself, I was impressed with their release enough to say for an electronica/Psychedelic rock/whatever band they actually brought a very surprising piece to the table, good enough for me not to hit the random button again. although 99% of the actual piece is instrumental (with a few surprising lines in the middle of the song) I would be happy to throw a few dollars over to them if they released this in full on RN.





Amodus is a premium prog rock/metal band hailing from our very own Sydney, their style and expertise blows away any of the competition in the charts. solid riffs and vocals are backed up by an explosive drummer, I think we will be seeing alot more of this band in the future, I look forward to purchasing an EP or seeing them live. It is good to see some local talent of this quality coming out of a scene which seems to be heavily overwhelmed with thrash.